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Yopreneurs is set on a mission to nurture future Changemakers & Innovators!

Yopreneurs is a global platform enabling youth to develop 21st-century life-skills. Our online Entrepreneurship Programs for middle-school & high-school students, serve as a means to develop several critical skills, such as problem-solving, innovative thinking, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Over 3000 students have participated in our proven and fun training programs. After the course, participants are inducted into the Yopreneurs Club, where they are offered opportunities & valuable resources, such as ebooks, meetups with inspiring people, corporate projects & a lot more, to continue to develop Leadership & Entrepreneurial skills.

Long-term Engagement

This is not a one time course but a golden ticket to a global community of young entrepreneurs

Experiential Learning

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is not a course to be learned from textbooks but to be practiced and learn by doing

Interactive Sessions

The program shifts focus away from ‘Facilitator talk’ to ‘student voice’. 

Why Entrepreneurship?

Unlocking infinite possibilities for the youth

  • Prepare to 'think' & solve real-world problems, using available tools & technologies, in today's fast-changing world. 

  • Develop greater self-awareness & self-efficacy. Discover one's own 'super-powers'.

  • Develop 21st-century skills & competencies, that are essential to succeed in any field

Youngsters develop the following 

21st-century life-skills

through Entrepreneurship Education*

Action-based Learning Models train youth to be Future Leaders!"

World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting 2020

*based on research by World Economic Forum

Many innovative 'mini-companies'

have been launched by participants



Platform to support amateur writers become professionals. Users receive automated daily prompts to help them practice writing and also receive feedback from the community and experts, to help them improve their skills.

THE Gazzle.png

Les Gazzette

An online magazine by teenagers for teenagers, already engaged over 2000 readers in the first three months



Ploggr organizes 'plogging' events in Pune, to help the community socialize, stay fit, and clean the city all at once. They also provide a platform to list other similar events, to encourage maximum citizens to start plogging


Localization Advocate, Khan Academy, Azerbaijan

"Today most success-stories prove that just having high academic records is not enough to achieve success in personal and professional life. Soft skills are essential for the self-development of global citizens. Thank you Yopreneurs for this initiative."

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