Yo Academy offers online Entrepreneurship Education to teenagers. The aim of such experiences is not limited to preparing youngsters to create high-tech startup ventures but extends to developing critical life-skills, needed in any career path they choose. An entrepreneurial mindset is necessary for today's era of rapid technological changes and global uncertainties. Middle-school and high-school students participate in our programs, and thereby develop competencies such as problem-solving, innovative thinking, teamwork, and other entrepreneurial skills.

Participants go through cohort-based online programs, guided by expert facilitators. They team-up to ideate, launch, and manage their very own 'mini-companies'! In the process they also discover and develop their inner-strengths, taking a step towards unleashing their full potential. Upon completion of the program, all participants are inducted into global Yopreneurs Club, their own space to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills for the long-term.

"We must equip young people with an innovator’s mind and a changemaker’s skills– to excel in today's knowledge economy." 

Call: +1 (202)643-3494 (US), +91-9653323598 (IND)

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