Yopreneurs Academy is set on a mission to nurture future Changemakers and Innovators. After a few years of research and experimentation, we provide Entrepreneurship education for teenagers, based on the following attributes:


Sessions include games and fun experiences, allowing participants to find meaning through social-interactions and active thinking.


All programs easy to participate in and are offered completely online.


Each participant takes up focus areas in his/her mini-company, based on interests and personal strengths.


Think out of the books" has been our motto. All programs include practical, real-world applications.

Participants go through a step-by-step framework to get into teams of 4-5 and create and implement solutions to real-world problems! They launch and manage their very own 'mini-companies'. The young participants manage marketing and finance, take all decisions, and interact with stakeholders. They are guided by the facilitators, 'deep-dive content', and mentors. This experiential learning helps them to develop critical life-skills for the 21st century! And also enables them to blossom to their fullest potential!

Together let's develop resilient, confident kids who Imagine, Think, and Solve.

Call: +1 (202)643-3494 (US), +91-9653323598 (IND)

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