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Changemakers & Innovators.
Inviting 12-18 year olds from all over the world!

Empowering Gen-Next with 21st-century life-skills!

Preparing students for success at the workplace and in life, enabling them to dream big and achieve those dreams. 

Critical thinking and problem solving

Initiative and


Flexibility and adaptability

Future orientation

Who we are

The cool, new place to be for Gen-Next!
A vibrant, global community that brings together future Changemakers & Innovators from around the world, Yotribe has created a PEPS (Personalised, Experiential, Playful, and Social) learning space for them to collaborate, create and celebrate!
The community enables each member to discover and develop their own 'superpowers'! Members gain access to a treasure trove of information, discussions, courses, workshops, and talks, that help build critical life skills and mindset to lead a happy and purposeful life.

What we do

Dreaming big and achieving those dreams, is what we encourage you to do. It is our goal to enable youngsters to think out of the books and help them unlock infinite possibilities for themselves. So whether they are studying at school, college, home, at alternative education paths or even taking a gap year, our courses available at Yo Academy, will prepare them- the youth of today, to create the world of tomorrow. 


Boost your resume and learn 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, innovative thinking, and communication. Therefore, no matter which field you choose to be in in the future, you will be equipped to succeed!

Creating a thriving community of young learners!
A 'PEPS' learning approach makes the experience fun and effective!


Participants take up focus areas based on their interests, personal skills and strengths


 'Think out of the books' has been our motto. All programs include practical, real-world applications.


Sessions include games and fun experiences, allowing participants to find meaning through social-interactions and active thinking.


Participants collaborate and work in teams, encouraging peer-to peer engagement and learning

"Today most success-stories prove that just having high academic records is not enough to achieve success in personal and professional life. Soft skills are essential for the self-development of global citizens. Thank you Yotribe for this initiative."


Localization Advocate, Khan Academy, Azerbaijan

Together let's develop resilient, confident kids who

Imagine, Think and Solve

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